Published Catalogue Essays, Articles and Reviews:


  • Diane Borsato. Catalogue essay for the exhibition, Diane Borsato – The Chinatown Foray, Mercer Union, Toronto, Canada



  • Baggage from the Future. Article included in the artists’ publication The April Memo: A Cultural Notebook compiled by Peter Conlin


  • Don’t you feel better? Meesoo Lee Gets Uneven. Review of Meesoo Lee, C Magazine, Summer 2005


  • Doing the Dead Author Deadpan. Catalogue Essay for Laurel Woodcock: Pause, Play, Repeat, MacDonald Stewart Art Gallery, Guelph, Canada


  • And now I Pronounce You: Weddings, Photography and Sexual Regulation. Published in Prefix Photo, Toronto, Ont., Canada
  • Canadian Ugly. Program essay for screening of works by Jubal Brown and Daniel Borins, published by Pleasure Dome, Toronto, Canada
  • Does Duchamp Make You Sad? (An Investigation, With Feeling) In the exhibition catalogue Susan Kealey: Ordinary Marvel for an exhibition of art by Susan Kealey
  • Academy Hillbillies: Hermetics, Vulgarism, and the Backhanded Aesthetics of Class. Essay in Mix Magazine, Toronto. Ont., Canada


  • Children’s letters to Charles Saatchi. Illustrated article in Money, Value, Art published by YYZ Books, Toronto, Ont., Canada
  • Atopia: Now. Catalogue essay to A Better Place, The MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, Sask., Canada


  • Witches on the run: Towards an occult photography. Catalogue essay to Fastwürms – Superstition, Gallery TPW, Toronto, Ont., Canada


  • Off the Walls and Into the Streets. In So, to Speak, a collection of essays published by Artexte Editions, Montreal, Que., Canada


  • Of intimate knowing. Catalogue essay to The Doll-House, Artcite Gallery, Windsor, Ont., Canada
  • …but Seriously. Catalogue essay to Blind-man’s Bluff: Michael Buckland / Damian Moppett, Gallery TPW, Toronto, Ont., Canada
  • Debased Time-based. Catalogue essay to Roger Bywater, Synopsis, Gallery TPW, Toronto, Ont., Canada


  • Culture: A Censorship Shell-game. Published in Suggestive Poses: Artists and Critics Respond to Censorship, an anthology published by Toronto Photographers Workshop and Riverbank Press, Toronto, Ont., Canada


  • Criminalizing Thought in Canada: Freedom of Expression and the Health of Our Democracy. Reprinted in Societal Issues: The Foundation Course, a textbook published by Harcourt Brace for Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technology, Sudbury, Ont., Canada


Criminalizing Thought in Canada: Freedom of Expression and the Health of Our Democracy. Published in CARNET, Vol. 2 No. 2, Spring