Title: Incidental Park Zones and You

Year: 2001
(original Toronto interventions and video)

Medium: Video, public performance interventions, free postcards, installation, video kiosks

Description: The spirit of Incidental Park Zones and You is to encourage people to animate public space, to create sociable civic spaces in places where parks aren’t. The way to do this – as the instructional video and postcards explain – is to Pause, Pose and Participate. This subtle and absurd form of agit prop theatre involves standing still and pointing at nothing in particular until people notice and come to speak to you. That is how Incidental Park Zones are created. As the video narrator says, “Be a Part, Be a Park.

Video Distribution:
Vtape: http://www.vtape.org/catalogue.htm
Go to Online Catalogue and conduct search under ‘Marriott’

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