Title: Out of Time

Year: 2011

Medium: Computer generated inkjet on adhesive vinyl, Ikea Billy Bookshelf

Description: Out of Time is a sculpture that recreates a fragment of a staged moment, that being the oddly dramatic lighting of an Ikea shelf found in a catalogue photograph. Using 3D software the artist built a full-sized virtual replica of the Billy Bookshelf and digitally illuminated it to match the dramatic lighting from the catalogue’s domestic fantasy shot. He then used the software to digitally disassemble the model into its various illuminated surfaces, which he printed individually on adhesive vinyl at actual size. Finally, these printed sections of simulated light and shadow were adhered to the matching surfaces of an assembled Billy Bookshelf, cladding the actual shelf unit in the digitally recreated lighting of the catalog’s idealized moment

2011_out_of_time   Click to enlarge