Title: Security Camera Obscura

Year: 2010

Medium: Performance interventions,
dissemination of multiples

Description: This operation was conducted on behalf of the fictional company Pinhole Security Systems. Equipped with a mobile camera obscura shaped like an oversized security camera, the artist/field operative invited people to raise their heads inside the darkened chamber of the camera obscura in order to view projected pinhole images of their surroundings.

In keeping with his responsibilities of observation and education the artist/field operative wore the uniform of a Pinhole Security Systems employee as he patrolled various exhibition sites of the 2010 Contact Festival of Photography. In the spirit of education the artist/field operative distributed official memorabilia to members of the public who viewed the security images within the Security Camera Obscura. These items included stickers bearing the slogan ‘For your security you are not being recorded‘ and buttons stating ‘I can neither confirm or deny my presence here.

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