Title: Consent
Commissioned by FADO Performance Art Centre

Year: 2008

Medium: Documentation of Artist-Designed Focus Group

Description: For this commission the artist was asked to invite an emerging artist to assist him to realize a performative work. Marriott chose to undertake his project ‘Consent’ and invited artist Suzanne Caines to work with him for this version of the work. With the generous help of Youthography, a Toronto-based Cool Hunting agency, Marriott and Caines developed a focus group of citizens who were screened to include only persons who professed little or no interest in art.

The focus group subjects attended a presentation about artists involved with Relational Aesthetics that was conducted and recorded by Youthography at their facility. After seeing examples of relational art and learning about the philosophy behind it the participants shared a catered meal and were asked to brain-storm ideas for artworks inspired by relational aesthetics. After 30 minutes they presented their ideas to the group.

This session was documented and presented as a 3-channel video installation comprised of the view from an overhead security camera within the session room, a second point of view was taken from a camera located in a private observation room behind a two-way mirror looking in on the session room, and a scrolling text was presented of the transcript of the session as transcribed by the agency’s observer.

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