Title:  Art that says Hello
Various projects done in the name of Courtesy

Year: 1997-2003

Medium: Performance interventions, emphemera, mural, interactive furniture, videos, conducted on behalf of the fictional company, Art Courtesy Services

Description: For this series the artist wore the identifying uniform of an Art Courtesy Services Provider and offered unique art-inspired experiences to passers-by. The slogan for the series was “Courtesy is the Aesthetic” and it served as the guiding principle for amiable street performances premised on good natured banter and unique experiences for passersby.

The series extended this notion of Courtesy as an aesthetic beyond the initial performances through to videos (‘Art that says Hello’ 1997; ‘Courtesy Moments: After You’ 1998), a public mural (‘Hello Hello’ 1998), responsive furniture (‘Courtesy Bench’ 1999), mass-distributed postcards, (‘S is for Short Cut (Toronto 1998 & Vancouver 2003).

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