Title: Magic Mouse Holes

Year: 1998

Medium: Custom Monochrome Snow Domes With Creation Story

Description: These monochrome, glitter-filled, shakeable objects are related to Scary Mouse Holes, the monochrome adhesive stickers shaped like stereotypical mouse holes. Magic Mouse Holes are a formal extension of the mouse hole’s flat shape that has been rotated 360 degrees on a vertical axis to create mouse hole shaped domes that contain coloured fluid.

In this transformation of the flattened symbol of a hole into a physical embodiment of time/space, the monochrome mouse holes continue their micro-critique of the interstices between abstraction and representation. Their shapes suggest that they are illusionistic representations of mouse holes however their bright colours prevent them from operating as illusions, and their pigment remains in liquid form thus preserving its active potentiality. Instead these three dimensional representations of two dimensional space are allusions to be played with.

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