Title: Bigfoot At Last
(from the window display
‘Doubters Take Note: Bigfoot At Last’)

Year: 1998

Medium: Cast plaster, packaging with story

Description: In the narrow passage behind the window banner declaring “Doubters Take Note/Bigfoot/At Last”) viewers found the participatory sculpture, ‘Dig.’ They were invited to explore inside a large yellow box filled with dense, soft moss where they would find and keep small plaster casts of foot prints. While their format and media harkens back to the plaster casts of foot prints that were offered up as proof of Bigfoot’s existence, these tiny casts are the size of an infant’s footprint. Each bears a label that explains “18 inches from heel to toe. 1/5 Scale Imprint.” On the back of the label is a brief anecdote written by the artist about his experience as a child gazing out from a car window during family drives, looking into the lush forests for the elusive creatures.

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